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Targeting Students Virtually During the Pandemic

Many businesses target students, especially during those first few months back on campus. However, with growing cases and local lockdowns across the UK – now is the time for these companies to find new ways to communicate with this audience.

Due to the pandemic, many large scale events and numbers of students on campus has dropped massively. If you once set up experiential sites or had brand ambassadors around colleges and universities – you may be struggling right now.

However, there is a way to thrive during these uncertain times. You can still hit this target audience by monetizing the rise in time spent on digital devices. Due to a high number of students learning from home – device usage has increased dramatically in the past few months. Now is the perfect time for your businesses to utilise digital marketing to reach this student demo.

Targeting Students via Influencer Marketing

From email marketing to paid ads, there’s many ways to hit audiences on a digital marketing platform. However, it’s important to think about how your target market specifically interacts with technology. Google Ads are probably a so-so way to hit this age demo but to really have an impact you want your businesses to be engaging.

Did you know? With 16-24s, 67% are influenced to make a purchase through social media? (Source: This is constantly increasing year on year as social media becomes more trusted in the eyes of young people.

Social media continues to be the main way that most 16-24 year olds consume their information. Therefore, influencer marketing is growing especially among the likes of clothing brands, tech, speciality goods and healthcare products. Use these influencers to promote your brand or products by doing reviews, videos, images or blogs.

Or why not look to do a collaboration with an influencer to release a range of products specifically branded with them in mind? The great thing about social media is everyone is approachable. A quick message into someone’s inbox and you could have a new audience purchasing your products.

Hitting the 16-24 Demographic with Competitions & Giveaways

Everybody loves a chance to win a prize! Especially 16-24 year olds. Running competitions across social media, email campaigns or through contact forms on your site are a great way to build engagement and reach for your brand.

However, don’t just run competitions for the sake of it. Come up with reasons why you’re doing a giveaway! A new product launch? A milestone reached? or a specific time of the year? Attaching a story to it will always make something more engaging.

With advertising competitions on Facebook and Instagram there are some rules you may need to adhere to. For example, posts aimed at getting people to share or tag others are technically NOT allowed as per Facebook’s policies. However, asking people to comment their favourite ice cream favour to be in with a chance of winning is allowed.

Podcasts Are Engaging, Insightful and GROWING!

Digital listening has been increasing gradually year on year – especially for devices such as smart speakers and smart phones. While performing regular home activities many young people like to have noise on in the background.

Digital audio increases 16% YOY between 15-34 demographic according to a survey by MIDAS Autumn 18 & 19. Podcasts are a growing segment of this with 6.5 million adults in the UK listening to podcasts weekly (Source: Podnews).

Many of these podcasts carry advertising opportunities for brands – similar to how influencers work. Specific audio ads can be played in between podcasts or presenters can speak about your brand live on air.

Reach out to some podcasts local to you and see if you can strike up a marketing plan for your brand!

Running a Live Event or Virtual Quiz

With everyone stuck at home, boredom is really the mood of 2020. (Especially among millennials) With so much free time and no where to spend it – creating some virtual events or activities are a great way to engage with your target demo.

Hosting a virtual quiz, interview show, video, behind the scenes or DJ setlist are some examples of creative ways that many businesses have reached out to get people engaged on a digital platform.

If a virtual quiz sounds like a right fit for your brand – why not theme it around something 16-24s relate to. Choose something topical like a Friends round or something based on LGBT history. Make it fun and engaging to get people involved.

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