Social Media Marketing To Get Your Business Noticed Online

“We don’t have a choich on whether we do Social Media… the question is how well we do it” – Eric Qualman

A Social Marketing Agency with A Different Attitude...

Here at Hutch, we know how hard it is to get your voice heard in this digital age. If you’re struggling to make social media work for your business then we’re the ones to help. 

We look at design, copy, call to actions and engagement triggers for your specific target audience. We pull together all of these elements to create bespoke posts and ads. 

We then report back to you on improvements, suggestions and even training to make the most of your social platforms. 

Planning Your Effective Social Campaign

We use each of these points to create the best content for your campaign, nurture the best result and make sure we hit all of your objectives from the beginning. 


Does the text make you want to read it? When writing copy we need to ensure it stands out and contains a clear call-to-action.


Are your posts hitting the right people? Struggling to build a following? We identify interested individuals in your area and convert them into customers.


Is the post visual and would someone take notice? People are more prone to sharing visual content. Strong visuals therefore result in more engagements. 

It's Time To #GetSocial

The number of people around the world using social media passed 3.5 billion in Jan 2020 with more than 46% of the world’s total population using these digital platforms.

This is why it’s more important than ever to take advantage of this avenue of exposure. 

There are various ways in which you can connect with your audience and we’re here to help make this happen.

The Worlds Most-Used Social Platforms
Facebook (2,375m)
YouTube (2,000m)
Instagram (1,000m)
Twitter (330m)
LinkedIn (310m)

Based on monthly active users, active users accounts, or unique monthly visitors to each platform, in millions. Source: Kepios Analysis

Case Study: Proud Geek

Proud Geek is a specialist retailer of LGBT+ entertainment and media, offering a wide selection of new and catalogued titles from the past 25 years.

To help increase traffic to their site & grow sales using social media ads during the Christmas period.

Proud Geek also wanted to grow their organic reach by building up their following on Instagram & Facebook.

Case Study: Agollo Health

At Agollo, they are looking to contribute to a healthier world by healthcare solutions and expertise which help customers around the UK.

The main goal was to help increase traffic to their site & grow enquiries for their services especially among their target audience.

However, after a consultation with our team they shifted the focus to also grow their brand across their platforms and increase their follower numbers.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Speak to us today about how we can benefit your business and social brands! 

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