SilverTech Solutions

SilverTech Solutions is a programming and energy management supplier based in Norway. 

They supply commercial buildings & homes with smart electricity solutions. SilverTech use installer management and a regulation of waterborne heating systems, such as, ENØK –

SilverTech are also offer consulting services, technical operating services for commercial buildings, private homes and condominiums. 

The Brief

To create a modern and ‘edgy’ logo design that would represent the brand as a professional and B2B focused smart solutions provider. SilverTech also requested brand guidelines to be created to support how they should style their marketing going forward. 

The Solution

The creation of various initial designs included in the design process. These designs looked at potential colour options, logo styles and fonts. The design process can be viewed below;

Design Process

Evolution Of The Design

Our goal was to create a logo which could be easily recognised and remembered as part of the brand; ‘SilverTech Solutions’. 


Final Logo Design

The final design combined a blue colour palette with the focus on ‘the buildings’ and ‘inspection’ design style. 

The result had different variations for the brand including a white, black and coloured logo design.

Hutch also created logos for social media and email signatures for the brand. 

What Did They Have To Say?

“Hutch helped me out with some logo design for the startup of my business here in Norway. They were very service minded, responsive and was exactly the help I needed. Thank you very much!

– William @ SilverTech Solutions