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Making The Change: How To Digitally Transform Your Business

Technology has become essential in the ways we live our lives to how we do our jobs at work. This also means expectations are high for businesses to integrate digital into how they operate everyday. With a rapid increase of digital alternatives to the face-to-face ways we used to operate. Covid-19 has no doubt touched all of our lives. This means now is more important than ever to embrace the digital transformation.

High tech has been the driving force behind consumer behaviour in the 21st Century – which is why it’s valuable for businesses to think about how they can adopt modern in-store technology.

Woman paying for shopping digitally online with her credit card. Bags are sitting on a table around her.

Setting Up Your Digital Point Of Sale

Have you gave a thought to how your customers pay for goods or services? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many stores have decided to switch to card or contactless forms of payment. This means implementing card terminals, touch screens, barcode readers and scanners at your point of sale. The goal is to reduce the maximum amount of person to person contact in your store.

The benefits of a digital point of sale not only come down to being safer for your customers and staff. Electronic EPoS also means easier detailed reports from transactions and a reduction in costs due to a need for less staff at checkouts.

The drawback is it can be a pain (and a heavy cost) to set it up. Be sure you shop around to find the best EPOS providers where you’re located. Expert market have a handy guide to suppliers in the UK.

The Rise of Using Mobile In Store

Whether it’s browsing your catalogue of products on their phone or using an app to purchase something. There are many reasons to encourage usage of mobile phones in your store. Don’t separate your website from your physical store. Integrate them.

Mobile payments have surged in popularity within the last two years. In 2019, 19.1% of smartphone users, made a proximity payment within a six month window (source This is expected to grow even more in the next three years.

The big technology companies pushing for this growth of e-wallets are Zapper, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Getting your business setup to receive mobile payments will certainly pay off in the future.

In store signage & marketing graphics

From sale signs to banners, there may be a better way to communicate with your audience in store. Digital displays are a digital signage used to display content or ads to the customers visiting your store. The benefits over traditional physical signs is that content can be changed at any time. They’re dynamic and eye-catching and could be used to target relevant people with a specific message.

We love motion! People find moving displays more engaging. They’re the perfect advertising opportunity as they don’t annoy and have a high dwell time. Placing a digital sign at the entrance to your store could attract more footfall from the more stubborn potential customers.

Helping Encourage Workplace Digital Change

Often the things that hold back a business from digital transformation is the employees that resist change. (This is also something that business owners need to pay close attention to.) Like with most things, there’s a delicate balance between encouraging growth and making employees lives easier.

A lot of this resistance comes from fear. Fear of change is a fundamental thing we’ve all felt at one time. This is why as an employer you must listen, explain and offer an opportunity for discussion. You should push experimentation but be aware that too much uncontrolled innovations may damage your business instead of helping it.

Giving employees who want to learn and develop the tools to do this is imperative to any workplace culture. Training should be offered until the individual feels comfortable to use the technology you’re implementing. Remember, nobody likes to be thrown in the deep end.

Scaling To Safely Implement Changes

An important factor to remember with digital transformation is speed. The best advice for businesses is to scale up their digital changes to keep stability front and centre. Introducing digital next to your traditional operations will allow you to experiment without risking too much. Let your customers get a feel for it and ask for plenty of feedback. If customers react positively, begin fazing out the traditional method over time.

Sometimes the changing world causes us to act fast. Take COVID-19 for example. Many businesses have been left making harsh decisions (sometimes overnight). Our advice to deciding on these tough changes with digital is to stay inspired not reactive. Get out of the mindset that you’re making these decisions because you have to. Instead get inspired about how you can use digital to make your business run better.