Jon Seabright

A folk singer/songwriter and acoustic performer with a new album ‘Salvation’ out now. 

Jon approached Hutch Marketing with the goal to design & build a responsive website with his music, biography, videos and contact page. 

The Brief

Create a responsive website to promote the new album & increase awareness about Jon Seabright’s music. Instructions were to include a music player, video section and contact page to increase engagement across the site. 

The Solution

The decision was made to create a custom website built in WordPress with a responsive design made with Jon Seabright’s image in mind. 

Visitors can listen to songs on the album, view videos & images and make enquiries about tours and events. 

Plans in the future to create an online shopping section have also been planned to sell merchandise. 

The Result

We focused on creating a website that matched the feel of Jon Seabright’s folk & acoustic music. Speaking to Jon, we found that his awareness mainly came from social media. We decided to install SEO plugins to help build up his online presence while also creating easily shareable pages on social networks. 

The new website included music & video players connected to Soundcloud and YouTube. To reduce loading speed on mobile we optimised CCS, reduced image sizes and built the foundation with this in mind. 

What Did They Have To Say?

“Working with Hutch Marketing was just what I needed to get my name out there. They helped create a fantastic website for me to send people to and are even helping getting products listed to sell. Worth a visit to see how they can help you!”

Jon Seabright