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Google Launch a New Ad Service to Aid Local Business

Google have launched a new Local Service Ad format to help support local businesses. These ads help boost visibility and connect independent professional businesses with customers in their local area.

People searching “available near me” is on the rise. This is due to a combination of COVID-19 lockdown and government sponsored initiatives to support local jobs. In the start of 2020, searches for local businesses increased by over 25% for many countries in the EU. This is why Google have launched this new service to help these local businesses thrive.

How Do They Work?

Local Service Ads, similarly to Google Ads, work by serving listings to potential customers looking for specific services in their local area. These ads allow service providers to get high-quality leads & jobs, show up on Google search and only pay when someone clicks on their ad.

Unlike regular Search Engine Marketing ads, you don’t need to setup a website. Customers can instead connect with you by phone. When their service is completed they will be asked to review your business and this will be posted on your profile

How To Get Started?

Getting started is easy and only requires a few details. Sign up as a service provider, set the budget for your ads and take control of your local service. Businesses will get discovered on a trusted and growing platform.

Become a Google guaranteed provider by ensuring your business meets a number of requirements and local licence & insurance details.

What’s The Difference Between Google Ads & Local Service Ads?

While Google Ads & Local Service Ads do have some similarities, one of the main differences is you don’t need a website. However, you do need to be located within a certain radius of your potential customers.

You can setup multiple locations for your business – but these will need to be done separately. Each address needs to also be verified by Google.

How Can I Reach a Higher Ad Rank Among Other Businesses In My Area?

Your ranking on Local Service Ads are determined by a number of factors. Mainly it’s about showing relevant results to people’s enquiries. However, a number of factors help match your businesses with your potential clientele.

  • Your location proximity to a potential clients/customers
  • Your opening hours
  • How you respond to customers messages/enquiries
  • Your review score
  • Any serious complaints about your business

Check out for yourself and grow your local business today. Visit here to get started and reach new customers in your local area.