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Engaging With Your Audience Using Social Media Holidays

When we talk about Social Media Holidays, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Christmas. Of course this is an important time for posting – but a secret marketing trick is focusing on more niche holidays and making them work for your business.

We’re talking about something like #NationalHatDay. Who decided when National Hat Day would take place (or more so why does it exist in the first place!) But as a small business, this could be the answer to filling up your social media calendar with some holiday days that are tailored to your business.

This is a great “cheat code” for building brand awareness and a reason for either a giveaway, competition, in-store event or a funny video.

These holiday days are perfect marketing opportunities for getting potential customers to notice your business. Having a quick Google, you can easily find related National Holidays that fit with the type of business you run. Building up a marketing calendar is the first place to start when planning what social media to run over the year.

Finding A Holiday That Fits Your Business

Depending on your industry and what your business does, it may be more difficult than others to take advantage of niche holidays. If you can’t find one that really fits what your business does – why not try a general holiday?

With National Pet Day – you could have a bring your pet to work day or a giveaway free pet toys with your branding on it. With many people working from home surrounded by their pets this may be a topical thing to focus on.

The example above is a great way to get your brand noticed by taking advantage of the hashtag #NationalPetDay! This starts a conversation – and maybe you could challenge your audience to post their own pictures with your products and pets.

Finding & Relating To Customers Experiences Using Holidays

A good way to use holidays to your advantage is to get to know your audience on social media. Posting engaging content with questions relating to the holiday you’re speaking about is the perfect way to capture your audience.

An important thing to keep in mind, is to have a goal of what you want to achieve. Whether that’s raising brand awareness, sending visitors to a certain page on your site or getting signups. Once you’ve decided on a goal you can put in motion the mechanics of what you want to achieve.

Where To Find A Holiday Dates & Social Media Calendar

Hubspot have a blog post on The Ultimate Social Media Holiday Calendar for 2020 – which has all you need to know to get planning what holidays will work for your business. To help you plan for trending holidays – check out the link above.

This list may have a lot of irrelevant food-specific holidays but this is a good starting point and may give you ideas of creating other ways to engage with your audience on social media.

If you’re finding it tough getting your brand noticed on social media – speak to us today about how we can help. We offer a number of social media management solutions for clients and can get your voice heard on digital platforms. Check out our social media services today!