Agollo Health

At Agollo, they are looking to contribute to a healthier world by healthcare solutions and expertise which help customers around the UK.

They are advancing digital healthcare by connecting people, technology and data, helping to increase hospital patient and staff satisfaction.

The Brief

Agollo Health started with only a couple of hundred followers and little engagement on their posts. The main goal was to help increase traffic to their site & grow enquiries for their services especially among their target audience.

However, after a consultation with our team they shifted the focus to also grow their brand across their platforms and increase their follower numbers. 

The Solution

A number of social ads aimed at different objectives for directing traffic to the website and engagement campaigns to increase following.

Agollo Health wanted to create dynamic ads which would change messaging and tone depending on the targeting audience they were served to. This led to targeted message fed to the right people at the right time. 

The Result

We created a number of organic and paid posts to go out across their social channels with different objectives & targeting for each. 

How Did We Do?

Along with reaching a high volume of people from their target market, the ads also resulted in a growth of their follower base and enquiries on their website.


The Total Number of Impressions served over the campaign. 


Total engagements on the campaign’s ads. 


Total click throughs to the client website via the campaign. 

What Did They Have To Say?

“We really struggled with our social media streams before working with Hutch. They quickly showed us what we were doing wrong and helped put into perspective what we should focus our energies on. 

They also helped to train our in-house marketing staff on best practices for social media and how to get the most out of using it.

We would highly recommend working with them as their results were quick, easy to understand and useful.”

  – Rita Brown from Agollo Health