Website Design with Access Ace

A blog site for work at height training, load control, lifting and safety management. The business approached Hutch Marketing to help design & build their online blogsite ‘Access Ace’.  The aim was to create an interactive, lively website featuring their articles, videos, tips and news. 

Creative Treatment

The aim of the project was to create and design a responsive website hosting a selection of blog articles, videos and interviews with leading professionals in height safety and load constraint. 

The site would also have the ability to display advertisements for training courses and other industry related services. 

Visual aspects of the website would reflect the branding of Access Ace and have a cohesive look throughout.

Bringing The Website To Life

This required the creation of a website built with WordPress for a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution. 

To help with SEO, social media share & follow buttons were built into the site along with SEO tools such as Yoast. All site meta-data was written in preparation for the launch of the site including social media thumbnails. 

A key request from the client was to create a website that users could effortlessly browse and worked on any device. Therefore we ensured to use a responsive design that adapted to any screen size. 

"We loved the easy navigation through the site"

Check out the final design for the Access Ace website…

Our focus was aimed at creating a fun, interactive website which would engage users and allow for discussion with professionals in the industry. 

Once the site was built, a training session aided the team at Access ace to use their new website.

What Did They Have To Say?

“Working with Hutch has been a delight. Their professionalism and helpful service has opened the doors for us. We’d be delighted to work with them again if the time comes in the future!” 
– Access Ace