About Hutch Marketing

The top marketing and creative agency based in the North West of the UK. Our range of services covers logo design, social media advertising, responsive web design and branded content.

Located in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, Hutch grew from a start-up supporting digital transformation for companies to an award-winning creative marketing agency.

- Damien Crean, Co-Founder Hutch Marketing

How We Started

The co-founder of Hutch Marketing grew up in a rural community where digital support was lacking. At its heart, Hutch Marketing aims to help businesses grow and flourish within the digital world.

Although we’re a Manchester Marketing Agency, we reach out to charities, government bodies, retailers and small businesses in the surrounding North West areas.

We believe these are often forgotten about by larger agencies and so we dedicate our time to helping to educate and support these kinds of businesses. We’ve worked with clients in Rotherham, Wigan and Prestwich, Bolton, Merseyside and Wolverhampton. 

“The main thing that client’s ask me is why their previous marketing campaigns have failed, with on social media, search or display ads. I tell them that it’s not about things ‘failing’, it’s about changing the perception of what it means to ‘fail’. 

Success comes from working smarter, not harder. And with my help these clients learn how.”

- Mark Lambert, Digital Marketing Specialist

Creative Design Services

We specialise in creating design assets for digital & print along with offering expert knowledge on how to setup and run effective marketing campaigns. 

It all starts with a conversation and on our first interaction with your business, we look to understand your background and offer a marketing plan that’s tailored specifically to your goals. We work in a broad range of sectors including financial, retail, government, medical and professional services. 

Our Approach To Branding Your Business

The key to creating a bespoke branding plan is to understand a business fully. By meeting with you over Zoom or in person, we aim to get to know the story behind your journey – your struggles, successes and plans for the future.

Hutch help set out some goals around what we plan to achieve. After this is signed off by both parties, we begin the proposed work, while providing updates along the way. 

To offer a brilliant service to our clients we need to listen and understand them.


We find out more about you, your market and your audience because this helps us to create something that’s personalised and unique to your business. 


Creating a scope of work for you to review which includes what we aim to achieve. This is basically the agreement between you and us. 


After it’s signed off we start to create what we outlined in the scope of work. If this involves design we’ll be checking with you at different checkpoints for feedback and changes. 


Whether this is launching your new site, sending your new graphics or publishing your social media ads, we ensure that we deliver on what we promised in our original scope of work. 

Speak To Our Team

Our team of experienced designers and digital specialists are on hand to help you and your business.

Get in touch with our team by filling in the contact form and we’ll reply as soon as possible. 

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